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Mixed Nuts

As you can see, my fondness for technical pens and lots of detail holds fast in this wide assorment of drawings that are a bit harder to classify. Insects figure heavily. I would have made a happy technical illustrator had career paths led there.

Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger picture of that painting. For more information on materials used in general, see the "about" page. For availiability, pricing, larger image,or specific information on technique please email me.

Something painted by Tracy Horner

Geometric Watercolor by Tracy Horner

Geometric Watercolor by Tracy Horner

Geometric Mandala by Tracy Horner

Our Beer Label
Meet the Beetles
Insect Mandala
Lost Garden
Leaf Town
This is a series of small drawings called "Bread and Flea Circuses"
Bread and Flea Circuses Keeping the masses happy.
Punk Chris was proud of his punk heritage and chose to enhance this look with a series of piercings.
Kafka "Honey, can I get you some Kafka or anything?"
Charles Charles was tired of the flightless insect jokes
Casey Even amongst the other butterflies, Casey was considered an airhead.
Belle She was the Belle of the Ugly Bug Ball
Highway Ladybugs frequently find it more effiecient to just drive.
Tigger Tigger, reincarnated as a sawfly. (Note, this started out as a completely normal drawing of a sawfly. In black and white, it looks quite proper. My daughter noted how much the markings looked like Tigger, so I chose to paint him in a way that accentuated that.)
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and may not be used in any form without permission.