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mandala by Tracy HornerThese symmetrical designs are named Mandalas, which is the Sanskrit word for healing circle. This style of art has been used in countless cultures in both a secular and sacred contexts. I paint mandalas because I simply like the rhythmic symmetrical flow of them.

Watercolor mandala by Tracy Horner

Geometric mandala by Tracy Horner


Flower mandala in ink by Tracy Horner

Geometric Mandala by Tracy Horner

Geometric Mandala by Tracy Horner

Mandala by Tracy Horner


Mandala by Tracy Horner

Mandala by Tracy Horner


mandala by tracy horner


Here is a mandala painting which uses gouache rather than transparent watercolors.

Blue Mandala in Gouache

Mandala pendantsClicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger picture of that painting. For more information on materials used in general, see the "about" page. For availiability, pricing, larger image,or specific information on technique please email me.






Older pieces:

Mandala by Tracy Horner Mandala Mandala
Mandala Christmas mandala Mandala
Gman Foodie Petals
Lynda Indian Spices Forest Star
Diamond Pink Blueman
Kaleidoscope Lindow Llyn Tegid
Ceridwen Colfrewy Columbanus
Aiden Beith Caedman
Fir Chilsne Pink Mandala Ganeida
Gawain Hilda Iona
Riuros Snow Flower Spinner
Tlachtga Gold Stars Darkman
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