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Celtic Art

Topology is so interesting.

The ancient Celtic artist had such a fascinating way of tangling things Wyrms of Irelandup.

Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger picture of that painting, although most of these are very small to begin with (just a few inches on a side.) For more information on materials used in general, see the "about" page. For availiability, pricing, larger image,or specific information on technique please email me.


Celtic Octopus Mandala by Tracy Horner

Celtic Mandala by Tracy Horner

Celtic Guitar notecards

Celtic art by Tracy Horner

Earbuds by Tracy Horner

Instar. This unique combination of Celtic and entomological motifs drawn up in a Instarstriking black and white geometric pattern echoes the crazy, competing influences in my artistic life. The title of the piece is "Instar," which is the term entomologists (bug-studiers) use to describe the different developmental stages of insects. In the picture, you can see an adult beetle, her eggs, the larvae, and what's left of the leaf they munched on. I drew it using India ink.

I have prints and notecards available in my Etsy shop.

You can click the picture left to see a larger view of the drawing.

Boxed cards


Cat and Mouse
More Caffeine
Spiral by Tracy Horner
Effects of Caffeine This is "Effects of Caffeine". If you want to see a bit of the process that goes into a painting like this, I've documented some of the steps in my blog here.
Beard Pullers
Red Dog
Two Birds
One Bird
Tiny Tree
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